Frequently Asked Questions

Will someone be able to see my orders?

No, we only allow authenticated users access to your orders. This involves a secured connection to your etsy account. You are required to log into your own etsy account via website and grant these privileges.

Is this secure?

Our site uses the latest TLS (SSL) encrypted protocols for all data transfer to your browser.

Do you store my credit card info?

We don't store any data on our servers. However, in order to allow you to subscribe to a service we use a third party payment vendor called Stripe. Stripe securely stores your credit card information encrypted at rest with AES-256. We do not have direct access to your credit card information it is only used to fulfill future subscription payments.

How do I cancel?

If you are dissatisfied at any time you can contact us and request a cancellation. This will stop any future charges on your credit card. This will also cease the ability to use the product once you cancel.

My printer is not formatting the labels correctly?

Currently we support the browsers Chrome and Brave. Some browsers don't allow you to print with out margins therefore causing the alignment of the labels to be off. If you are using Safari on Mac they don't allow for HTML no margin printing.

I clicked the go button and nothing happens?

Make sure you have a store loaded and it is spelled correctly. Check that the email you are using is the one you use to log into etsy. If you are switching between stores try to close the browser and re open it. If that still does not work try going into settings and clearing all your stores and re-adding them.

What labels can I use?

We support multiple sizes of labels.

  1. Avery address labels 1" x 2-5/8" 30 (18260) or compatible style.
  2. Avery address labels 1" x 4" 20 (5161) or compatible style.
  3. Avery address labels 2" x 4" 20 (8463) or compatible style.

I signed up on my phone and when I go to print from my computer all my information is missing.?

We try to make as much of the sign up process as seemless as possible. When you sign up we add your email and store to the browser you used to sign up with. If you switch computers then you will just need to fill out that info again on that computer. Check out the help section - (adding a store manually) to learn how to do that.

What does this do?

It pulls all your order information form etsy and formats it into clean professional looking labels. Even formats international address correctly.

Turn this address from etsy:

angela Charstrom
6127 east emory Road
san siego, ca 37938
United States

Into this well formed address:

Angela Charstrom
6127 East Emory Road
San Diego, CA 37938