Setting and usage information

Adding a store manually

When setting a new store manually you will need three things. If you are missing one or more of the following items the application might not work correctly.

  1. Your account email - this is the email that you used when you signed up for a subscription. It can be the same email you use to sign into etsy or something different. But it has to be the one you used when you first created the account. This is used to look up all your account information.
  2. Your store name - this is the name of your etsy store. This name should not have spaces in it and be the exact name that etsy assigns to your from their website. You can see this name when you got to your store's page and look in the URL or look at the name of your store.
  3. Your etsy email - this is the email you use when you sign into etsy. This email is used to look up your etsy account when we query your accounts orders.

Setting up the printer

BEFORE YOU PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME. Be sure to test on a sheet of paper and hold it up to a label sheet so that you don't waste labels.

When setting up your print settings its important that you make sure are printing with no margins turned on and background graphics off. The example is from Chrome. We recommend using Chrome or Brave as a browser as we have gotten the best results from both of them.

Remove duplicate or single store

If you find that you have an extra store or you want to just remove your store you can open the settings dialog and click the red X next to the store you wish to remove. This will delete it from your browser but does not delete it from your account. If you want to cancel or remove a subscribed store email us and we can take care of that for you.

Adding more stores

You can add more stores that you have subscribed to manually as well. To do this you click th Add More button and it will create a new row for you to add the additional store name and email to. Don't add more than what you need as it could cause an error when saving.

Clearing all stores

If you want to start the manual process over or just have to many stores added you can clear all your stores. This just clears the saved store info from your browser. This will not delete your subscription or remove your account. Its only local and can be re-added at anytime.

Dealing with issues

With any software there might be issues from time to time. The best thing to do if the printer locks up or does not show orders is to refresh the browser. If that doesn't solve it try restarting the browser. If that still does not solve it. PLEASE email us and we can help you fix any error you might have.

Navigating the tool bar

The status is the state in which the order is currently in. Open is all open orders. Complete is all the orders you have already finished (shipped)

The start is the page you want to start with. If you have 60 open orders you will see the first 30 if you want to print the second thirty you would choose page 2 and you would start with the 31st order in the list. These are ordered by newest order.

The store is just the name of the stores orders you are looking to print labels from. Some might have multiple stores.

Application setup video

This video walks you through manual setting up, deleting stores, formatting labels, and print setting for the label maker application.